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FEEDBACK complaints and reviews | Margdarshak - You must stop receiving spam

Good Afternoon people at, Hope you’re excellent. I'm , I hope that business is good and you’ve been doing well through the current situation. Sites like yours receive unwanted messages through the contact page, I mean literally, it’s not cool, you need to block it. If you are not interested, just ignore this email and we won't contact you again. Kind regards, OneTwo GmbH

By Syreeta Ruggieri

Margdarshak is fraud and unethical

Friends, just like others I have also been recently cheated by Margdarshak. I was selected for HR and I took cloud telephony but immediately after that my account was deactivated and they stopped receiving the calls also. After this I read the reviews in face book and other sites and discovered that many people like me have been cheated by Margdarshak and they have put up many reviews against Margdarshak. So my sincere request to all is to first read the reviews in facebook and then get associated with Margdarshak. Thank you

By Atanu Ghosh

Margdarshak is fraud and unethical

Mr. Swaroop Ravindra... please don't complete your training by paying Rs. 9000 to the fraud and unethical Margdarshak....the leads that you will be provided by Margdarshak are totally bogus.... it's like cold calling for taking personal loan...99% of leads will say that they never applied for counselling and that will frustrate you a lot and if you say this to Pramod Kumar of Margdarshak, he will deactivate your please leave Margdarshak now without wasting any more resources like money and time......I am repeating that Margdarshak is totally fake and fraud....after taking money from you either they will deactivate your account or stop answering all your calls

By Anand sinha